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Project Title

Social Network Analysis of Data


Jude Yew, University of Michigan

Lada Adamic, University of Michigan

Project Abstract

This project will study the relationship between the life/activity of a project and contributions to the project from both member and non-member users. In particular, it will determine a threshold level of participation amongst members as projects grow/die/fork/spin-off/branch out.

Additionally, some information about the lifespan of a project can be gleaned from the division of roles (members/non-members) within each project. These roles will be correlated with their levels/strength of participation. It is predicted that a project with a highly active (i.e. strongly correlated) core group of members would tend to sustain activity longer than projects that have a smaller contribution from a larger number of users.

Another focus will be the relationship between projects and users and seeing if the "member" and "non-member" participation in projects has a significant effect on membership changes.