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Appears in the following schemas:

Most Recent Description

Table "sf0914.users"
Column Type Modifiers
user_id integer not null default nextval(('users_pk_seq'::text)::regclass)
user_name text default ''::text
realname character varying(32) not null default ''::character varying
status character(1) not null default 'A'::bpchar
unix_uid integer default 0
add_date integer not null default 0
people_resume text not null default ''::text
timezone character varying(64) default 'GMT'::character varying
language integer not null default 275
stay_anon integer default 0
donation_request text
donate_optin integer default 0
last_sitestatus_view integer default 0
row_modtime integer

Other Information About the Data

For privacy purposes, email has been removed from this table as of the October 2006 dump.

ER diagram

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