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SourceForge Research Data Archive (SRDA): A Repository of FLOSS Research Data

  • This wiki contains information about using the SourceForge Research Data Archive (SRDA). Links to query the SourceForge Research data warehouse can be found to the right. Login to the wiki and then the interactive pages will be accessible. After logging in, all content can be edited and new pages can be created. Data access is given to academic and scholarly researchers; additional information is here.

Recent News

  • SourceForge reorganized their backend database in late 2014, thus the last dump in this data set will be September 2014 (sf0914). The data collection spans January 2003 through September 2014. It is our intention to keep SRDA online for use by the search community for the forceable future. See also the data sets available at FLOSSmole.
  • We have posted a few ER diagrams.
  • Looking for particular data? Start here
  • We are working to enhance the community aspect of the website. We encourage all members to create a user or research group page to tell us and the other researchers more about the work you are doing with the archive. Examples can be found here.
  • Table pages contain primitive framework for adding information about the data. Please make changes to these sections if you have surmised relevant information about a given table. Please do not edit the "Appears in" and "Most Recent Description" sections as these are updated automatically by us.
  • Login access is for academic researchers under license only. All wiki content is publicly viewable. Most wiki pages are editable by registered users. All research data is only viewable under licensed access.
  • We encourage all registered users to make changes to the wiki as they see fit.
    • Here is a good tutorial and reference on editing MediaWiki pages.


  • This Data Repository is a by-product of an NSF funded research project on "Understanding Open Source Software". See Introduction for more information about the project. Data obtained from to support that project, are made available to the academic and scholarly research community under a sublicense from
    • This Data Repository is hosted by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Notre Dame and administered by Greg Madey
    • The material presented at this web site is based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation's CISE IIS-Digital Society & Technology program under Grant ISS-0222829 and by the National Science Foundation's CISE Computing Research Infrastructure program under Grant CNS-0751120.
    • Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. Additional support in the form of an equipment grant has been provided by the University of Notre Dame Office of Research.
    • For questions, comments, and suggestions, send email to <oss at>
  • Recommended citations for the SourceForge Research Data Archive (SRDA) can be found here.
  • See a list of research projects that have used the Sourceforge Research Archive (SRDA) here.
  • The SRDA Privacy Policy can be found here.