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Project Title

The Development Process of Open Source Software


Ramanath Subramanyam, University of Illinois

Project Abstract

This project will focus on understanding the development process that is used to create open source software. Even proprietary product development firms as well as participants in open source would be interested in understanding the drivers of success in such ventures. A specific interest is in understanding the determinants of product development time (time to market), or the time it takes to create a successful product from idea generation to customer/user delivery. While development time has been studied in the past in proprietary settings, there is limited understanding of open source software product development time.

The method of this study is to build a conceptual model of different constructs that affect development time, directly or indirectly. Variables such as team size, feature requests, platform choice, developer contributions, and defects will be collected - for software projects from Then, the relationships among the different variables will be tested using multivariate statistical analysis.