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Project Title

Social Interactions and Software Architecture


Dr. Frank Schweitzer, ETH Zurich

Dr. Claudio Tessone, ETH Zurich

Dr.Dirk Martignoni, ETH Zurich

Marcello Zanetti, ETH Zurich

Project Abstract

OSS can be seen as a evolving complex network on two different, but interlinked system levels: (i) the product level, i.e., the structural level of the software architecture itself. Here, the nodes of the network are given by software modules (such as classes), whereas the links between nodes may describe the type of connection (such as usage or inheritance), (ii) the production level, i.e. the social interaction level of humans contributing to the software. Here, the nodes of the network represent the different people involved in the 'production' (such as developers), whereas the links express their various interactions (such as forum communication, or collaboration). As a predominant feature, both of these networks are highly dynamic in addition/deletion of nodes or links to/from the network. Moreover, they do not just change independently, but they co-evolve. In this project, we seek to enhance our understanding of the interplay between social interactions and software architecture. Specifically, we are interested in (1) how social interactions in OSS projects are structure (i.e. what kind of network structures can we observe in OSS projects) and (2) how different typologies of social interaction affect the growth and structure of OSS projects. This project is being funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.