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Project Title

The Dynamics of Non-corporately Funded Open Source Projects


Carlos Santos, Jr., Southern Illinios University

Dr. Peter Mykytyn, Jr., Southern Illinios University

Dr. John Pearson, Southern Illinios University

Project Abstract

The ongoing research project is interested in empirically testing and developing a theory to explain the dynamics of non-corporately funded open source projects. The project's perspective is one of the public entity (e.g. Brazilian government) willing to launch an open source project, thereby becoming a user. Therefore, it is interested in data such as number of members, bugs, and software life-cycle stage. It is a project fully funded by CAPES (a Brazilian public agency) and Fulbright. This research will also result in a Ph.D dissertation at Southern Illinios University at Carbondale, department of Management Information Systems. Any data extracted from the database will be used solely for publication purposes.