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Most Recent Description

Table "sf0914.people_job"
Column Type Modifiers
job_id integer not null default nextval(('people_job_pk_seq'::text)::regclass)
group_id integer not null default 0
created_by integer not null default 0
title text
description text
date integer not null default 0
status_id integer not null default 0
category_id integer not null default 0

Other Information About the Data

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Table "sf0112.people_job WHERE 1=1 limit 10 "
36602 354787 3063806 Test needed for identifying the bugs Test needed for identifying the bugs in EUFCRM 1325097049 1 5
36603 243889 2130332 developer to rewrite a matlab prototype in java Hi, We are launching a project that solves the query-by-humming task. Georgi Dzhambazov, RWTH Aachen, Germany 1325159764 1 1
36605 268469 53946 Python Developer(s) Project seeking Python developers of all skill levels; a variety of tasks are available. Project makes use of vobject [for parsing and composing iCalendar data], SQLalchemy, multiprocessing and AMQ.New developers can see the "Dangling Fruit" task list for items that make a great learning opportunity as well as a concrete contribution to an existing project. 1325852533 1 1
36606 182877 1649289 Transferring Java Applets to HTML5 canvas Our space strategy browsergame relies on Java Applets to display the 2D game area. Due to all the new devices like smartphones, pads and so on, we notice increasingly problems with our Java Applets. Therefore we are looking for support for porting our current Applets into HTML 5 canvas using CAAT framework. If anyone is interesting in our game and would like to participate, we would really appreciate that. 1325860112 1 1
36607 150982 1174109 PHP GUI improvement, text writing, make a stable product The project <> is a PHP script to set up online sorting studies with a multitude of options. It was the first project of this kind allowing for multimedia contents and multiple language support as well as qualitative questions. It is made for research purposes but may also fit to small businesses who cannot afford commercial software.Developers will tackle the problem of programming a more convenient way for participants to construct a hierarchy of items. They need an at least basic understanding of PHP, MySQL and XHTML forms as well as online questionnaires in general. - The task is not uncommon, very similar to the task to let the participant create a menu structure graphically. It is not very important if this is done in dynamic HTML, Java, Javascript or Flash, but dynamic HTML was understood by most browsers. 1325866878 1 1
36608 150982 1174109 Java developer, help system writer This is essentially a request to join a new project, not questionnaire sorting! Text writers for as many languages as possible with an at least basic understanding of statistics and statistical terms. 1325869263 1 1

ER diagram

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