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The Research Data Archive (SRDA) Privacy Policy

  • To advance the understanding of, and research on, the Free/Open Source Software phenomenon, portions of data from that may support such research, are made available to academic or scholarly researchers. All requests for data must be submitted in writing (e-mail) to the Notre Dame PI, (Greg Madey, oss at nd dot edu). Only academic and scholarly researchers are eligible to receive the data. To receive the data, a short questionnaire and agreement must be completed, signed and returned (download here). Researchers using the data agree to:
    • "Data shall not be used in any way that could cause users, UND (University of Notre Dame), or OSTG (Open Source Technology Group, Inc.) embarrassment, mental anguish, or other harm. In all cases, project ID, user ID data, and other identifying attributes shall be anonymized to preserve privacy of the users."
  • Researchers also agree to the Terms and Conditions of located here.
  • The scholarly users of the research data and their research projects are identified on this page here.
  • A log of all researchers' queries (SQL and web services) is maintained for diagnostic, debugging, abuse analysis and performance analysis. That log is used only by the maintainers of the SRDA site for the above reasons.
  • A short bibliography of research papers on "OSS, FOSS, FLOSS, Online Research Ethics" can be found here.