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Project Title

Discovering the Motivational Drivers of OSS Developers


Dr. Ram B Misra, Montclair State University

Dr. Mark Allyn, Montclair State University

Yulia Stefanova Paskaleva, Montclair State University

Project Abstract

This research is a continuation of a previous work that focused on the motivational drivers of open source software developers. That work showed that developers were motivated by various extrinsic and intrinsic drivers, among them community aspirations, reciprocity and fairness, creative impulses, and monetary and career ambitions. In this research project we are trying to identify the success factors of an open source project, i. e. are there some common factors across various OS projects that would enhance the possibility of the success of a project. The indicators that we have identified prima facie are the growth rate of the code over time, the number of contributors (developers), the number of downloads. There might be other variables that the data might indicate.