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Project Title

Analyzing Characteristics of Open Source Software Development Projects Based on the Participants' Activities and Communication Networks in the Areas of Games and Engineering


Hyunju Kim, D. Sc. Jackson State University

James Sims, student researcher, Jackson State University

Jaleesa Mitchell, student research, Jackson State University

Project Abstract

This study proposes to investigate characteristics of Open Source Software (OSS) projects based on the participants' activities and communication networks within and across projects in the areas of games and engineering. Since OSS development heavily depends on people, by analyzing the participants' activities, we expect to identify unique characteristics of OSS projects as well as compare the projects from the two different areas. Each project will be considered as an observation containing a set of features that represents the participants activities or communications, and the observations will be analyzed with an iterative process of Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and clustering in order to identify characteristics of the projects.