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Project Title

The Economic Ecology of Korean Software Industry (EEKSI)


Seungjoon Jun, Korea University

Wan Kyu Jung, Korea University

Project Abstract

The Research Institute for Telecommunication and Culture (RITC) is one of the leading research institutions of Korea University, which has a twenty-seven year history of research in the areas of information and communication studies. The RITC has recently launched a research project named "the Economic Ecology of Korean Software Industry (EEKSI)", as part of the annual research plan for the year 2011-2012. The project will be fully supported by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, Korea University. The aim of this project is to produce useful and sustainable telecommunication policies and business strategies to Korean software industries and TC governmental agencies. As a part of this project the EEKSI planned to investigate the world state of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) movement and its ongoing impacts on Korean telecommunication and software industries. As one of the driving forces in the world telecommunication industry, this project will examine the current economic, legal, and technological states of the FOSS based on trustworthy data from a global perspective. For this purpose, we recognized the importance of the role of SourceForge.net in the FOSS movement. Using the SourceForge.net data, we expect to get more accurate and trustworthy information about who are leading players and stakeholders of this FOSS and what kinds of cooperative and competitive activities and relations have constituted and sustained it.