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Project Title

Open Source Software Development Organizations and Multi-Protocol Instant Messaging Clients


Derek Hillison, Michigan State University

Dr. Brian Pentland, Michigan State University

Dr. Roger Calantone, Michigan State University

Project Abstract

In order to better understand organizational learning, this study will examine open-source software development organizations that have developed multi-protocol instant messaging clients. The competitive space of these organizations has experienced several episodes of competitive action - proprietary protocols have been implemented which block third-party access. Each of these OSS organizations have had to deal with changing protocols by AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, and these episodes can be marked by secondary source information as to their time of implementation. SourceForge data related to several projects is uniquely suited to investigate exactly how these organizations respond and learn from competitive encounters. Immediately before each episode, and for some period after, patterns of behavior will be identified and compared using forum posts to the SourceForge community.