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Project Title

Characteristics of OSS Software


Rebeca Mendez-Duron, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Departamento de Economía de la Empresa, C/Madrid 126,Getafe, Madrid, Spain, 28903.

Clara Eugenia Garcia, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Marco Giarratana, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Pablo Ruis-Verdu, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Frederick Warzynski, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Valerie Smeets, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Project Abstract

Research in open source software is driven today by the following anomalies: (1) the development of software industry based on OSS in which firms invest to the creation of a public good rather than to the appropriation of their innovation expenditures; (2)the emergence of new forms of coordination where individual decisions are decentralized and based on peer to peer considerations and supported by a professional reputation reward system; (3) the increasing relevance of career concerns as main drivers of individual incentives -software programmers-, (4) the adoption by software firms of hybrid models of licensing, innovation and so forth. This research proposal departs from the interests of those topics but it is also aimed at conducting empirical research beyond those questions. This research project will also target the following research questions: (1) the relationship between the selection of the protection mechanisms and firms' strategies; (2) how firms acheive economic efficiency and economic returns from OSS products; (3) the role of new and young programmers and entrepreneurship capabilities in the field of OSS; (4)OSS firm's ecology; size, growth, and the market for technology, and (5) technological innovations beyond proprietary standards and the extension of the OSS model beyond the software industry.


Rebeca Méndez-Durón and Clara E. García, Returns from Social Capital in Open Source Software Networks, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, forthcoming